Please join us for this tasting event… Feb 6th, 2015

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Please join us for this tasting event… Feb 6th, 2015







At Boordy we celebrate life, wine and good food. We enjoy the spirit of challenge and adventure. We treasure art and music, and love to dance. We marvel at nature’s beauty. We value our community and our traditions. We are proud to farm and produce our wine for you. 


Classic Riesling aromas of honeysuckle, citrus and apricots are followed by mouth watering acidity that perfectly balances the wine’s sweetness.

Description: Classic Riesling aromas of honeysuckle citrus and apricots are followed by mouth watering acidity that perfectly balances the wine’s sweetness.
Body: Light
Finish: 3% residual sweetness
Suggested foods: Indian and Asian cuisine, sushi, honey glazed ham, lemon chicken, baked beans, steamed crabs or shrimp
Wine Story: Riesling is best suited to cooler northerly growing regions. After growing Riesling in our Maryland vineyards for eighteen years, climate change got the better of us. We now import our riesling grapes from the best region in the United States for this sensitive variety: the Yakima Valley in Washington State (historical note: Boordy once had a branch winery there in the 1970’s). Riesling is slowly fermented in stainless steel tanks using yeast strains that emphasize the variety’s extraordinary natural aromas. We chill the fermentation to stop it before completion to achieve the desired balance between sweetness and acidity, and bottle the wine at about six months to capture its alluring freshness.


Crisp, clean, and dry – with hints of tropical fruit and herbs in the nose,  the “Rockfish” is our most versatile white wine.

 Description: Crisp, clean, and dry – but very approachable, with hints of tropical fruit in the nose (banana, pineapple), honeydew melon, and a suggestion of herbs. The “Rockfish” is our most versatile white wine: it is refreshing by itself, and it is an excellent companion to a wide range of foods, be it a casual picnic or a formal dinner.
Body: Light
Finish: Dry
Suggested foods: Caesar salad, béarnaise sauce, lemon flavored dishes, flounder, oysters Rockefeller, steamed mussels

Wine Story: The “Rockfish” has been compared to sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio, but in truth it is an original expression. This mouth watering trio of three fine white grape varieties took us years to perfect. Seyval Blanc, which Boordy has cultivated for over seventy years in Maryland, brings a clean, crisp herbaceous flavor to the wine. Chardonnay contributes classic structure and a long finish. Vidal Blanc, which was introduced to North America from France in the 1930’s by Boordy’s founders, adds softness and a hint of melons and honey. The “Rockfish” is proof that in the art of blending, the whole is greater than its parts.

Viva Sangria

Sweet, light bodied red wine with a zesty blend of spices. Can be served over ice in a wine glass, or poured from a pitcher with sliced fruit.

In the Spirit:

Sangria is a drink that traces its origins to Spain, but has gained worldwide popularity. First and foremost, it is meant to be enjoyed ice-cold. Our Viva Sangria is ready to serve right from the bottle, but this should not deter the creative spirit from experimenting with the addition of sliced fresh fruits (oranges, lemon, peaches), a bit of soda water and possibly a touch of brandy combined in a punch bowl. This is a year-round hospitality wine, and complements beautiful settings such as the beach at sunset, an outdoor picnic under a big shade tree, or an afternoon at the races.

Spiced Wassail

Sweet, hearty red wine blended with spices.  Serve heated to warm the soul on winter nights, or enjoyed chilled over ice to refresh the spirit.

In the spirit:

Our original “Just For Fun” wine, Boordy’s Wassail was first served hot from a punch bowl at a winter open house in the early 1980’s. The name derives from the Old English word meaning “good cheer” and refers to the traditional drink used to greet carolers during the holidays and to welcome visitors into the warmth of your home from early October until the end of March. By gently heating Wassail on the stove or in a crock pot, the natural aromas of spices and wine will fill the room with holiday warmth. Poured into a thermos, hot Wassail is great for walks in the country, sporting events, and parties by the bonfire.

Every Day Price 11.99

Tasting Price 10.99

Kelly’s Club Price 9.99

Petit Cabernet

Description: A medium bodied cabernet sauvignon with characteristic aromas of cedar, tobacco, briar fruits and plum with soft tannins, ready for drinking when young.
Body: Medium
Finish: Dry
Suggested foods: Grilled hamburgers and tuna steaks, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, shepherd’s pie, hard cheeses

Wine Story: Boordy coined the term “Petit Cabernet” in 1986 to designate the first wine from a new cabernet sauvignon vineyard that had been planted next to the winery. The grapes from the young vines produced a lighter style of wine, yet the flavors were vibrant and the wine was drinkable at a younger age than a traditional cabernet. We still use the term today for the cabernet sauvignon wine we produce in this style.

Every Day Price 13.99

Tasting Price 12.99

Kelly’s Club Price 11.99

P.S. Troegs Nugget Nectar has just arrived. Stocks are very limited as always. Don’t wait!

Currently On Tap for Growler Fills

Full Tilt Hop Harbor DIPA

-American Double/Imperial IPA 8.3% abv


Bluepoint Rastafa Rye Ale

-Rye Ale 7.5% abv

Terrapin Guano Loco Chili Pepper Brownie Ale

-Porter brewed with Chilis and Chocolate 8.6%abv

Duclaw Dirty Filthy Soul Chocolate Rye Porter

-Imperial Chocolate Rye Porter 7.7%abv


Attention fans of craft whiskey!


Some rare and delicious items are now in stock.

Breckenridge Bourbon from Colorado

Stagg Jr. from Kentucky

Buffalo Trace from Kentucky

High West Rye from Utah

Clyde May’s Whiskey from Kentucky

Colorado Gold Bourbon and Rye

Redemption Straight Rye from Indiana

Tin Cup Whiskey from Colorado

Hudson (5 types) from New York

Belmont Farm Virginia Whiskey

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