Please join us for this tasting event… Jun 19th, 2015

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Please join us for this tasting event…  Jun 19th, 2015


Shock Top


Belgian White

Honeycrisp Apple

Raspberry Wheat

Lemon Shandy

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Shock Top Tasting

Belgian White

We’ve shaken up traditional tastes by brewing a spiced Belgian-style wheat ale with real orange, lemon and lime peels and then added a little coriander spice to the mix. This uniquely-crafted and award-winning wheat beer is unfiltered to create a brew that is naturally cloudy with a light golden color and a smooth, refreshing finish. Shock Top Belgian-style wheat ale has collected awards in consecutive years at the North American Beer Awards.
Honeycrisp Apple Wheat

Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat is a unique, hand crafted brewed hybrid of Belgian wheat beer and sweet cider, with natural Honeycrisp flavor added to produce an innovative brew that is crisp, refreshing and flavorful. This unfiltered brew is perfect on a sunny day.
Raspberry Wheat

Our Raspberry Wheat delivers the same smooth taste of Shock Top, with a hint of raspberry flavor. This traditional Belgian-style raspberry wheat ale is brewed with essence of wild raspberry and hand-selected hops. It’s this combination that gives it its crisp and distinctive Shock Top taste, with its own flavorful twist. This unfiltered wheat beer has a light-golden color and a smooth finish, and if you’re curious, it doesn’t, count toward your daily fruit intake. We know you’ll enjoy drinking Shock Top Raspberry Wheat ale as much as we enjoy brewing it.

Lemon Shandy

Our Lemon Shandy is made with real California lemon peels to deliver a bright and unmistakably Shock Top taste. Brewed with two row and six row malted barley and five different types of hops, this Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is then combined with real citrus peels, coriander, natural lemonade flavor and a hint of sugar for a subtle sweetness. The end result of our Lemon Shandy is an incredibly refreshing, crisp and smooth beer that hits the spot.

Every Day Price 8.99 6 pack bottles

Tasting Price 7.99

Kelly’s Club Price 6.99

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